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You Are Woman

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Image by: Ezekixl Akinnewu

The brightest of lights shine in the darkest of places, and in my memories, I see a girl. One who knew nothing of love, nothing of growth, and nothing of God.

Faded as they are in my memories, I see darkness. I needed the light, a light sense of growth, a little more love, and a lot of God.

Failure was never in my vocabulary, it was never something I got accustomed to. It took me away like hard blowing winds. I never thought it would be the one to bring me to the light.

What I didn’t realise was, I had a lot of love, I have always been growing and my God is the kind that never leaves his children behind.

With this I got familiarized with failure; there was fear, there was pain and there was a loss. They tore me down into tiny little pieces but in the end, I still managed to rise. To place the pieces back to where they belong. At last, I became the light I was initially looking for.

You are your own light. You are your strength, you are your happiness and most importantly, YOU ARE WOMAN.

By Innocensia Kambewe

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