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Poem: You Are More Than Pretty

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Image by: Nappy


Look at yourself in the mirror

They do not care about you.

They do not want to know what you think.

Now look in the mirror again and listen to me...

Be sexy to you.

Be beautiful for you.

Use that leap for you.

Wear red lipstick for you.

Do not let them make you feel ashamed of the size of your body.

Do not let them tell you what kind of makeup is right.

Do not let them choke you.

Do not let them say you have no value.

It breaks free. Bust the chains.

They just want your boobs firm.

They only want your youth after that you will no longer be anyone.

Do not feel pressured to marry.

Do not feel pressured to have children.

Feel pressured only to do what makes you happy.

If you feel pressured to win

Raise your head, study, have knowledge, strive to change the world.

Do not accept the standards they gave you.

You are not an object. You're no prize. It emancipates itself.

You're more than a pretty girl.

You're more than hot.

You are more than delicacy.

You more than a sex symbol.

You are more than a "Vagina".

You're more than a modest girl.

They can not hold your strength.

You're stronger than you think.

Dream big and wake up.

Do not let them define you.

No one can be defined.

A woman is a woman.

It does not matter young or old.

You have to have the right to break the barriers.

You have the right to say: No.

By Jayrani Antoniou

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