Updated: May 4, 2019

Let me tell you a secret. I'm a fraud. Yes, I'm a self-assured person, but my insecurities are not the kind that are visible to the untrained eye. For one, I'm not one of those women who are uncomfortable with 'soft' emotions. Already I feel I've exposed myself too much. Did you know all along? Were you not fooled by the smoke and mirrors? This is what the Imposter Syndrome feels like. In your mind, your efforts and talents played no part in getting you to where you are. It was all luck. As such, you're in a constant panic that people will find you out; receiving compliments and accolades doesn't feel as good as it should.

There's a part in the process of healing from pain or trauma where you know you’re finally in a good place, can say "I'm good" without lying, but still feel like you're faking it. A lot of the time, it's because you think you don't deserve to be whole and healed; like you haven't suffered the right way.

I always try my best to practice emotional hygiene and not allow myself to feel like a fraud. So, let me remind you by reminding myself: you're not faking it and you've earned your place. You deserve to feel whole and healed.

By Nande Nodada

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