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Poem: Where Our Souls Touch

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Image by: Daniel Apodaca


Where our souls' touch is where my fingers meet your fingertips. It is where our hearts intersect, it is where our bodies lie.

Where our souls' touch is where you pump blood into my being, it is that secret chamber that only you have the keys to unlock, it is our territory.

It is in the silent serenades of your gleaming eyes. The caressing rhythm of your lips that never tell lies. It is in the endless conversations which bring restoration. It is in the vivid imagery of greener pastures together and the dreams that always push us further.

Where our souls' touch is where our minds collide and reunite with thoughts travelling in similar directions. The one on one transactions of compatibility, the parts of you that complete me.

Where our souls' touch is in our secret language of love, our understanding of intimacy and our law of attraction.

Where our soul's touch is where, Your melody meets my beat, where your paintbrush meets my canvas and where your existence meets my eternity.

By Anesu Mautsa

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