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#WCW: Elizabeth Ngorima

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hi Beautiful💞

Today our WCW (Women crush Wednesday) is the powerhouse: ELIZABETH NGORIMA, the founder of Betty B Gifts ZA.

1. Who are you and What do you do (your company/brands story)

My name is Elizabeth Tsitsi Ngorima and I am a vibrant 25-year-old Data Analyst, Rhodes University Graduate and the founder of the Betty B Brand. We specialize in Bespoke customized gifts mainly bathrobes. We also do natural hair styling for events and everyday wear for women of color.

2. What drives you to do what you do?

Firstly God, my family, and my loved ones drive me in everything that I do. The best way to describe what drives me is the main vision and mission for my brand, "Celebrate your loved ones always". I am a strong believer in keeping those who matter close, so this really manifests itself in many aspects of my life. I have always believed that whilst we are here on earth, it is important to celebrate each other as our time is very limited on earth. This has led me to help others also do the same for their loved ones through my business.

I have always made sure I try my best to make birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, baptism events and other special occasions, for my family and friends special. I have always been that family member who everyone asks for gift ideas for their loved ones. This led me to launch the gifts business and to add that personal touch because that's really at the core of celebrating your loved ones.

The natural hair styling part of my business- I have a deep love for natural hair and styling. I love all things hair whether it's chemicalized or natural. A woman's crown is everything and styling queens for any special events really drives me.

3. Social Media and website links:

Please contact us on the below networks (Website coming soon)

Instagram: betty_b_gifts_za LinkedIn: Betty B Personalised Gifts

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