Twenty Mineteen

Updated: May 31

Photo Credit: Soul.photobr

To those ladies who have their drivers' license, how was the process of getting it? Was your family pressurising you to get one or did they not care? Did you have to fight to let them use the car at home? The same car your younger brother was allowed to drive to the next town by himself without this license you're dropping thousands of Rands and pushing through your anxiety to get?

I'm projecting, I know. It's just - I had to fight to get my family to take me seriously as a driver, even though I had consistently shown up as a responsible teenage daughter and shown no signs of stepping out of character. But I fought, and now I can parallel park on an incline in a manual. That feeling of control that driving gives me is unmatched. This is how I feel about 2019.

I know that the game is rigged against me and I have to speak a little louder, push a bit harder than everyone else. Okay, then I'll shout and I'll shove. And I'll take what's mine!

By Nande Nodada

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