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Poem: These Eyes

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Khalipha Ntloko

You once looked in the mirror

Black beads staring back

With that distinctive mark on the white

You thought your beauty had a crack

You couldn’t stare into these eyes

For it was too dark to see

“Windows to the soul”, so you’ve heard

Did that mean yours was empty?

Years went by and you grew old

Met someone whose eyes were blue

Nothing compared to these eyes of mine

Yet he fell in love with you

But in growing old, we were young

And soon we drifted apart

These eyes soon filled with constant tears

Because he broke your heart

And in growing old, you left your town

Soon saw there was much to see

These eyes of mine began to open up

And saw what resided in me

As friends came in and boys went out

One thing remained true

These eyes of mine are filled with love

That in this poem, I share with you

For what I once hated, I now know

Just how special it makes me

Now, when I look in the mirror

These eyes of mine say how much they love me

by Khalipha Ntloko

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