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For all you OG WAB followers and subscribers, you may have picked up that August's newsletters tend to reek of despondency. You'll be relieved to know that this August is different.

I've discovered that giving in to that state of mind is a cop out. Much like how complaining about something is easier than taking initiative and solving the problem. That is what this month's theme of Surrender is all about.

Many disparaging events occurred last month here in South Africa. It has been difficult to plan for the future, and the past - which forced us to consider what could have been - too painful to think about. Briefly, surrendering is letting go of control of the future. This is not giving up or becoming despondent.

According to Rev Nancy Colier, surrender is "accept[ing] that this very moment is the only thing we have any real say about [and so] we might as well pay attention to it".

She says that when we surrender control, we discover mystery and surprise. This month we'll be finding out whether this really is as a good of a thing as she's implying it to be.

As usual, email us or DM us on Instagreezy (@becominginitiative_) and tell us about your feelings on surrendering. We'd love to know, because personally, the jury is still out - yiesh!

By Pink Plume

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