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Sex Ed

What sex is: natural, awkward, wonderful. What sex is not: evil, shameful, wrong. This month's theme is exciting not because the topic of sex is always a tantalising one, but because we're approaching things slightly differently.

They say there are 2 things you can be certain about: death and taxes. There's a hidden 3rd thing there: human curiosity. Over the next four weeks we'll be "breaking the ice" and setting our boundaries in terms of what we will and won't discuss, getting to grips with sexual health and talking about the link between sex and our emotions.

As usual, email us or DM us on Instagreezy (@becominginitiative_) and tell us about your feelings on surrendering. We'd love to know, because personally, the jury is still out - yiesh!

I'm really excited; are you?

By Pink Plume

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