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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Let's chat about hustle culture. The guilt that ensues the moment you watch half a season of a show but your to-do list for the day is sitting pretty with no tasks crossed off. It may be a consequence of the rising cost of living against stagnant salaries; maybe that laziness is one of the seven deadly sins. But all in all, if you're not breaking your back 24/7 in a bid to seal the deal and secure the bag, you're not poppin'.

Personally, I have always found it difficult negotiating with myself to avoid procrastinating. I know that in a negotiation, I have to offer up something that is important to me in exchange for what I want. But that feeling of loss is felt more acutely than gain, which is why people tend to do anything to avoid feeling loss, even if it's at the expense of a larger gain. 

True, procrastination eats away at your chances of sealing the deal, but you are more than your productivity. If you focus on starting, it won't matter how many breaks you take in between, eventually you'll finish the task.

In sum, the take home message for this month is that you should think about working on improving your bargaining power in this negotiation, instead of being a productivity machine living on three hours of sleep a day. Balancing productivity and rest is what will ensure you seal the deal.

By Pink Plume

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