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Poem: Review Today

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The above image does not reflect that of the narrator
Image by: Ezekixl Akinnewu

(DISCLAIMER: The above image does not reflect that of the narrator)

Review today

Progressless situations are endless, Caused by the power of fear, Crowding my mind, heart and soul Crucifying my precious desires and my needs indeed.

See as I was sitting in my room Staring at the walls, I wished I could break them with my eyes and remove them with my heart, Maybe then, everything that seemed so hard would never be.

Now going nowhere slowly In my mind, I'm going crazy Like a seed underground water me, and wait for me patiently to grow, Emotionally to be strong, Deep down in my soul, As I'm searching and searching Searching and searching for the right smile to have, And the right path to walk. Whether it's smooth or rough, it's gonna be alright.

So God as I pray I say... I used to be the lucky one So would you help me be the better one, Not compared to anyone else but the one I used to be, Someone once said these words to me Now I say them to you, cause I know you know what I'm going through, As hurt as my heart is! As broken as my soul is! Lord! Show me where the door is.

If I could only re-awaken my passion, Or discover my destiny, Strip away all my fears, Look up to the sky with tears in my eyes, and a smile on my face and say... The night has gone away A new dawn has come my way. As I review today

By Zandile Tlhapi

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