We are over 3 months into one of the most unsettling things we will experience in our lifetimes. Readjusting to the new way of life has been strange and the temptation to tear down this year's vision board is strong, but let's not get too dramatic. After all, technically the new decade officially begins in 2021.

This period has forced us to slow down and take stock of who we really are. Existentialism and the question of identity is one that philosophers have long pondered on. Of all the answers they've arrived at, my favourite one is this: our identity is a sum of all our actions. Why is it my favourite? Because actions are not static. It means we can adapt to changing environments by simply changing our behaviours.

In building, configuring, and initializing the new identity you must take on, consider how the current state of things is not "normal", or rather should not be considered "normal". Most of the South African population is poor with a livelihood that depends on physical contact and movement/travel. The new way of life will depend heavily on technology, and half the world is not even online. Please consider incorporating empathy, compassion and community when becoming your new self. Take care of yourself, but don't allow the coldness of a capitalist, neoliberal society seep into your everyday actions.

Second half of this wild year. Hold on tight!

By Pink Plume

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