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Reclaim By Lindsay Langeveldt

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Image by: Jakob

At this point in my life, I have seen through the eyes of the unseen

Danced without legs and heard without ears

I’ve lost but regained and reclaimed my consciousness…

I light a candle with my mind and hide in the light

One with the wax and one with the night

Oh! The sacrifices I have made to be free mentally

No chains can hold me

What I have reclaimed no one can see, it’s so personal to me

A divorcee to be and a single mother of three

“Don’t Skaal me” (Which simply means don’t judge me)

I have loved and lost, tried and succeeded

To plant a tree for my lineage, the ones that will come after me…

Will know of the struggles of a woman

Even if I die today, I believe my words are engraved in the hearts

Of those that yearn to reclaim….

Reclaiming my birth, my future, my life

No longer wasting time on things that cannot be changed

But nurturing those that require attention

A wise woman once said “Choose your battles wisely”

I don’t care if she heard it from someone else

It means a lot to me

I am reclaiming my destiny

What was taken has been restored.


By Lindsay Langeveldt

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