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Enough is Enough. My body aches with the weight of exhaustion. Carrying a heart so full and so heavy. I cannot live like this anymore!

It’s not like these tears I cry will solve my problems but at least in my conscience, I will feel some sort of satisfaction because my soul has heard me. Doubts arise and questions like; Is this life all a lie? Was this all I was promised? Did I buy the dream that was sold to me, with every penny I had? Have I sold myself short? Is this my purpose?", tournament me daily.

Funny enough, amongst the doubts, hope appears. It still lingers like an itch waiting to be scratched.

Positivity is only viewed by those who choose to see the bright side of life. From today I have chosen to slowly find my broken pieces and commit to my healing. I proclaim that this is a year of trusting your lonely and living a life of fulfilment. Stay strong and don't be afraid to take what is yours in 2020. You are your own obstacle and now it’s time to be your own solution!

By Rumbidzai Ngaaseke (Co-founder)

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