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Poem: What is in a name?

I try to keep it short and sweet.

Call me anonymous but have my parents called me unknown?

When I have a name that has meaning and depth and history behind it.

As beautiful, as ugly, as short, as long, as corny as sexy and powerful a name can be it is I, who represents it.

I, change my name because the old is gone and the new is born just like an infant.

My new path is no more in alignment with my old life, so my new lineage is birthed with a new name and not defined by past bondages or clouds.

Teach others that come after you of your history and acknowledge it, because what is in a name holds power. Power beyond any measure and men combined!

Call me by name, place respect and obedience by saying Ms or Mrs or Mr before yelling my name, because I am not saying this to feel important, “No!” but to acknowledge my ancestors that the lineage of my name is from, whether my parents named me the same as my lineage or different to start my own.

I am spirit before I am human.

I am the name God called me to be.

I am not anonymous.

I am not hidden but my body maybe because of the human qualities I have obtained.

With a name, I have nowhere to hide, with intuition as the institute within my spirit.

I know I can be constant and deeply have what is mine and cherish the name I have.

Whether it is given from birth or changed by the spiritual journey or non-association

What is in a name, is POWER!

For you make it and it is a part of you for the world knows you…

By your name.

By Dimpho Mogale.

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