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Poem: Subconscious

Intuition is a six sense without a need of conscious reasoning.


It is what a human has, all of us do, how we use it is up to us.

Some individuals call it a gut feeling. Some individuals call it instinct. Some individuals call intuition the Holy Spirit or “something told me…”

Whatever you may phrase intuition as, we all have it.

Especially women, ladies, girls it is the favourite stereotype we’re classified with:

“When she knows, she definitely knows.” “Something is telling you are lying or something up with you.”

Yes, intuition is our best friend, but why place intuition in a negative spotlight.

Female beings are observant. Female beings birth a nation. Female beings nurture their environment… so you bet we will know everything that comes and goes.

Have a village that takes care of us, so that we can take care of one another.

Rely on the Most High for He has given us the Holy Spirit, nature and seeds to bear whether in the womb, whether in the soil intuition helps us not to rely on feelings, because they can mislead you.

Remember we all have intuition, men, women, children, animals and YOU.

By Dimpho Mogale

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