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Poem: Let’s Talk About This Now by Swit La Pound

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Let's have this discussion!

Now is the best time ever,

For our cries and lamentations are louder,

More desperate and even more distraught.

Let's talk about the emblem of your manhood,

Does it lie in the slicing by the blade,

On that mountain top, shrouded from femininity?

Does it nest in the numbers

of those fallen victim

At your unmannered hands,

to your ego's satisfaction?

Does your blood run wild when their screams for help

Ring out in your sleep, terrified and pleading?

Does the sight and smell

of their blood quench your thirst

for inhumanity?

Do you find your fill of monstrosity

at the sight of their motionless bodies?

Let's talk about it !

Is your manhood Hung by the flesh you carry?

Do you feel invincible

After defeating the weak and broken?

Do you feel almighty when you tower

Over those that need defending.

Is this the definition of your manhood?

Is this the peak of your prowess?

Do you get a pat for a day's job done after this?

Of course not, you deserve not anything

But a visit from the Grim,

That reaping force!

For your deeds deem you not only unfit and unworthy of Manhood

But also undeserving of breath itself!

by Swit La Pond

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