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Poem: Disney Indoctrination

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hey little princess, Why do you look so glum? Is it because happy endings Were designed to keep us dumb? To keep us hoping For perfect men Who save us from ourselves To ride off into sunsets and crave what can't be felt Like freedom in our songs Cause all we sing of is love Or the absence of Isn't it quite sobering to hear that life is tough? Disney makes us hold our breath And squeeze neatly into pages Where men wrap their arms tightly around our destiny And we pose for candid pictures He'll ride off with you into the distance And lead you to motherhood and wifely duties by the hand He'll make you happy for a while But you'll realise: Wild things cannot be bound to this fairyland Take his horse Take the kids Kick the dust up to Freedom's gate There is a happily ever after story It's never too late

I know it's great to believe in love And hope should surely be the last to die But, Beautiful princess, Wake yourself up and flee Because it's your destiny to fly By Sasta Kuppan 📷Nubia Navarro

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