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Poem: Outgrowths

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Image by: Unsplash

"This poem was written cathartically, letting go of a fear of letting go and that includes negative people, especially the ones who were once close to you. It is a means of taking emotional responsibility for oneself. Just because someone is out of your life, it doesn't mean you don't still hold onto their negativity and the impact of their experience on your life. Yes, people change but they too can change you and it's not always for the better - let go of the parts of them that ruined parts of you, or you'll reap ruin on others too.”- Denise Onen


Sprout Seedlings Slowly grows Sometimes roses Time turned sticks with thorns Twisted turns slow strangling. So uproot from your being Unapologetically Reroot, heal. Freely: breathe, bloom, be, leave.

By Denise Onen

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