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My Body, My Temple

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

If it hasn't already become apparent to you, there is currently a war being waged on women's bodies. In fact, the way I've just stated that implies that this is a recent thing; it's not. This is something that's been happening since childhood and the control we should have over our bodies has been taken from us and handed over to the sinister mechanics of our world.

First, they started by telling us to "sit properly", watch our weight and to smile even when nothing warrants one. Then they told us to "relax" when grown men ogled our budding breasts, widening hips and referred to us as fresh meat. And now? Unmentionable things that we let slide, lest we find ourselves in life-threatening situations.

There is something clumsy about the words "body" and "temple" being in the same sentence. A temple is supposed to be a place where one can worship something outside of one's physical self. It's the one place where the exaltation of any material thing is frowned upon. Yet I doubt any woman can say that being in their body feels like home.

Over the next two months, we will be considering the body from aspects such as the soul, build and image. We will be exploring ways to regain control over our bodies not just by a good diet and consistent workout routine, but also through resetting our minds. The intention is to find that sweet spot where we can transcend the superficial characterisation of our bodies and finally experience them as divine sanctuaries.

By Pink Plume

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