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More Than Enough

There are moments during the day when I feel a sudden urge to scream because an embarrassing memory flashed through my mind. As I'm writing this, I'm cringing at the memory of 10-year-old me lying about having air conditioning at home because I wanted to impress my American friend. Why did I lie about something silly like that? Insecurities are a funny thing because they are mostly imposed on us by others. Philosopher Berkeley argues that objects – that is a pen, a table or a pillow – do not exist unless we perceive of them. While thoughts and feelings are not 'objects', I think that the sentiment in Berkeley's argument can be applied to them. For a lot of us, the first time we felt inadequate was when somebody pointed out a quality about us that we had not noticed before. From that moment, the outside world set up standards for us and made us feel inadequate for not meeting them.

This month we're going there: looking at our insecurities and forgiving ourselves (and others) for allowing external factors to control how we feel. We're going to make sense of rejection, embrace self-love and realise that we are actually more than enough. We're excited to be dropping our new "More Than Enough" merchandise this month. This time we have crop tops, hooded tanks, t-shirts and gym vests with the affirmation printed on them, so be sure to get yours! For the month of love, exercise care towards yourself. Some gentleness. Cringe, scream and blush at how embarrassing it was to lie about something silly because you were acting from a place of insecurity, but remember to be gentle about that. By Pink Plume

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