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Note To Self: Bloom

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Image by: Kevin Kosi

Over the past year, I have learned a lot about healing and forgiving, and they go hand in hand. Forgiving is for you. In order to heal, you need to forgive. Forgiving does not mean weakness, it allows you to make peace with everything that has happened. Forgiving gives you the power to let go of the grief and makes space for you to feel something new. It frees you from the bondage of sadness.

Allow yourself to go through the healing process, to make sense of everything that has happened. Take as much time as you need, do not let someone's apology rush the pace at which you heal. If you hurt, you hurt. To forgive means that, that person no longer has a hold over you and your emotions. The healing process is messy, it will require you to do things outside of your comfort zone at times.

Do not be discouraged, because sometimes something needs to die and decompose, in order to fertilize the ground for something new to grow back stronger and bigger. Embrace the healing process and BLOOM!

By Dorianne Tshingane

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