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How do you discern between intuition and insecurity when the noise is getting louder and the space around you is full of nonsense? Despite the way it has brought people from all over the world to one place, the internet has also made life feel unbearably stuffy and I find myself taking in people's personal biases, feelings and thoughts.

Sometimes I get an incessant need to recreate a life that is not authentically mine such that when I'm faced with real-life situations – a career decision, a crossroads in a relationship – I can't say with certainty if the hesitation I have is my gut feeling or if it's insecurity/fear. My sister asked the above-mentioned question in a room on Clubhouse and the answers she got were that with intuition, you will feel calm; intuition says "be careful" while insecurity screams "don't do it! It's dangerous!". Intuition is constant and insecurity is fleeting.

So, one is calm and the other is loud. Fine. But it's stuffy! It's noisy and there's nonsense everywhere! This month we'll be exploring discernment, ego and other aspects of intuition. We believe that the ability to tell when a gut feeling is actually a false positive is one that will surely benefit anyone who is looking to live this thing called life well. Be sure to share your feelings, suggestions and insights on this topic on our Instagram page (@becominginitiative_) or email us. By Pink Plume

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