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"Let talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me." - A song by Salt-N-Peppa

As a individual it always had me more scared then to think of sex as sacred. A deed done under the custom of God, God created sexual desires.

The attention of biblical reason brought to this is what male and female sexuality is central around what it is to mean to be human.

People have different views on what sexuality is and how orientation should be like. Orientation is a choice Sexuality is a choice Human beings are sexual beings.

”Let no man separate what God has desired to be." - Matthew 19:4-6.

Attraction is not a sin. Attraction is not a sin. Therefore how you deal with attraction is the measure of judgment.

Sex is more than a kiss Sex is more than a feeling Sex is more than foreplay Sex is more than dim lights. It is about intention, closeness and experience. Intimacy of language Intimacy of Time and Exchanging energies making it one.

By Dimpho Mogale.

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