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I Pray We Let You In

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

You say, our bodies are Your temples,

But, why are they being ravaged by Your sons?

Instead of worship, they pillage

They leave us bare and defenceless

Making us wonder where the sense is

Was ours to be born, to be mourned?

Are we that much of creation's thorn?

They say, 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'

Yet, this doesn't stop them from feeding on our flesh and writhing for more

As though we are a drug, and they, fiends

The only ones being used is us until we cease

I'm trying so hard to see the grand truth in these blues

But all I feel is empty, hollow,

eyes getting heavier as I think of tomorrow.

What horrid thing will add to my sorrow?

Will I be the next one they'll send flowers to?

Is this the joy of my youth?

But as I journey through this rabbit hole to feel a semblance of whole,

I'm slowly realizing that I probably will never gain peace from analyzing this situation

There's a disconnect because I know these crimes are not your intention

To a messed up world, we were born in

Where we misunderstood Your call to dominion

So with violence, we rule, to the weak we intimidate

When all You've called us to is to name and create

I pray we let You in

In this dark world filled with confusion

I pray we let You in

In these dark times before we lose our footing

I pray we let You in...

By Grace Kaheru

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