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Dreaming For Me

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Image by: Jakob

I had been living a life where my dreams were shattered, shut down by people who were supposed to support me and build me up. I grew tired and I needed them to let me be me again. They drained the life out of me and sucked me dry like a leach. I struggled to detach myself from their straining love and my heart abandoned its dreams, paralyzed, like a bird without wings. My dreams had changed. "Who was this girl?", So dependent on another’s dream all of the sudden. I lost sight of who I was and I had to regain my stability. Eyes open wide, boldness rose inside of me.

What a beauty it is to finally see myself and all my wonders again, to finally embrace me. I started dreaming again!

By Rumbidzai Ngaaseke

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