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Pursuit of Happiness

Spring has officially sprung! Last month’s 30 days of Gratitude challenge has left us feeling lighter and ready to tackle whatever the last quarter of the year brings us. I’ve said this before, but I must say it again: 2020 has been the most unsettling year of our lives so far. So much so that all the good things that have happened have been shrouded in a cloud of doubt. It has been difficult to celebrate victories or successes without feeling like the rug will be pulled out from under your feet and turning everything upside down. Again.

Last week I realised that when I wake up, I think about clothes, money and the characters in the book I am reading. There are a whole host of other things – serious things – that are bothering me, but I’m not bombarded by them until well into the day. this is a sure sign that I am okay, but it also makes me tense…and a little bit guilty.

This month we want to create a space where you feel okay about being okay. Expressing gratitude in the midst of a global pandemic is difficult but choosing to be happy (whatever that looks like for you) feels selfish, ignorant and insensitive, and thus tends to make one feel guilty. Immensely so. This October, which is also Mental Health Awareness month, we implore you to ditch the guilt and just relax into being happy.

by Pink Plume

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