Six months of what has arguably been the most unsettling event the world has collectively experienced. Six months already. And you doubted you’d be able to manage but look how well you’ve done! This is all happening during a time where humanity’s rise to god status – seen in the growth of sophisticated machines that are alarmingly close to being sentient – is moving at a rapid pace. If anything, this year has served to remind us of our mortality; that at the end of the day, we are not gods. We don’t have control over time and the natural world, no matter how hard we convince ourselves we do. Life has changed dramatically, and we had no say in that. We do, however, have a say in where we will land up after all of this. Six months feels significant. In keeping with the idea of reconditioning, this month we are saying "we accept". This is what the world looks like now and we can grieve our respective losses with gratitude. For one, we have had time to just exist. And for those that have had a difficult, lonely time doing that – just existing – it’s fine. You have us here at We Are Becoming. Be grateful for that. 

by Pink Plume

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