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“Gentle YOU, Yoga for Self-love”

Our next exciting addition to the#CarePackage is a “Gentle YOU, Yoga for Self-love” 30 Minute Class. A big thanks to Gafieza Ismail for partnering up with us and taking the time to make this incredible video.

Yoni Shakti Yoga focuses on celebrating and strengthening the power of the feminine source. Yoni Shakti Yoga (YSY) aims at bringing women together to heal, to love, and to honour their sacred selves through the support, acceptance, and love of sisterhood and connection.

YSY is about honouring the sacred self through practice, breath, and affirmation. YSY offers a safe space for women to be vulnerable and to become attuned with their bodies. Trusting in the intuitive power of their womanhood and creating a space of stillness to align mind, body, and spirit.

To Watch The Full Class: https://www.yonishakti.co.za/videos

Instagram: @yoni_shakti @gafieza_existentially

Facebook: Yoni Shakti Yoga

Founder & Instructor: Gafieza Ismail

Email: connect@yonishakti.co.za

Keep Queening👑


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