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Fly Little Sister

Dear Little sister

Life is a beautiful journey, a journey that comprises of a lot of challenges.

One of the greatest challenges that I had to face was loving myself. I know it sounds impossible and a little absurd that I could not love myself. Well, little sis, the world tries to make people into what it thinks they should be. It does not ask, it imposes. It tells you who to be and what to aspire to be. I know it sounds frightening, yet do not be frightened because, in this journey of life little sis, I have come to find a treasure.

A treasure that freed me, from what the world wanted me to be, yes Lil sis you can be free from all that is expected of you. The treasure is within you, it resides in the spheres of your being. It dwells in the echos of who you are, and it can only be released by you. Do not worry sis, if what you discover is different, that’s exactly what the world needs, uniqueness. Like any other treasure, you can’t find it and place it under the pillow, you have to use it.

I can’t really define the treasure to you, because we possess different treasures within us, hence competing with others is a waste of time because we will never have what others have and they can never have what you have.

You might as well work with what you have because what you have brings you closer to what you are meant to have. Little sis, the battle is half fought when you have found your treasure and know that it can only be valuable to you when you believe in it.

Discovering your treasure is like a bird discovering that it has wings. The wings can only be valuable to the bird if the bird dares to fly.

Now fly little sis!


Nomalungelo Majola

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