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Fiercely Betty B

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

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Being fiercely Authentic to me means being openly true to myself To be Betty B To be a storm and calm a sea all at the same time. To accept all my strengths and weakness To be an unapologetic member of team natural

Being Fiercely Authentic means to be confident in my own skin To be fiercely Kind To be fiercely Loving I have learnt that being fiercely authentic means to be the Betty that loves with no boundaries

The Betty that goes above and beyond for the people she loves To pick myself up when I am broken and keep shining and sparkling To be assertive and not to be apologetic in the principles l believe in To spread the word of God and to Love him unapologetically To be fun and serious at the same time

Being fiercely authentic to me means being a sister, a friend, a lover and a companion to all those who I meet with.

By Elizabeth Ngorima

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