Being fierce and authentic is 

Something I can’t help but be.

It is in the way I embrace myself 

Going through my anger and grief,

And letting go of sadness and resentment

So my light can do nothing but shine.

It is having the wind knocked out of my sails 

But letting my strength keep me on course.

Accepting what others may call flaws

 And learning to embrace them.

It is finding the path I was always meant to walk,

Fearing what is ahead even as I run towards my destiny.

It is in the love I give others, those who deserve it 

And those who do not. For I know they will remember

What it felt like to be loved authentically and fiercely by me.

Being fierce and authentic is leaving just a little bit of light

Everywhere I go, so everyone may know happiness was here.

By R.C.Mayowe

Being YOU fiercely. #Photo cred: Fade2Black

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