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Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Image by: Min An

I know it is pretty awkward and many will think, “She is only 19, what does she know about love”, “You’re still a kid, shut up with your broken heart story, you do not know what a broken heart is.” But I will tell you what a broken heart is.

A broken heart is when someone stuck around when you had your guard up, despite how cold you were. When someone made the effort to understand why you put up high walls and in the process (unintentionally) brought them down.

A broken heart is when you stopped waiting for someone to like you or to love you but you meet a person and it seems as though you knew each other since the beginning of time. Your friendship grows easily, conversations are not forced or awkward, everything flows naturally. Then all of a sudden you find out the person you grew so fond of, who made you feel like the only girl in his world, had been whispering sweet nothings in the ears of another.

A broken heart is when you see him with someone else, and despite the tears building up, you smile because you can see he is happy. You would not call that a broken heart would you? I suppose that is what they call ‘love’?

I realised that I can not let what happened, make me question my worth, or ruin what little self-esteem I originally had. I am beautiful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

My God does not make mistakes and everything He made, He made to perfection. So just because someone did not appreciate me and made me feel worthless, it does not mean I’m not great. It does not take away from my beauty or my worth. I am perfect for the one HE made me for. Like the flowers that close at night, I too shut down when the sunshine leaves but dawn has come. I’ve begun to bloom again because I’ve found my worth in Christ. He died for me, that is the greatest love I know and that is reason enough to bloom and be the woman He intended for me to be.

By Anonymous

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