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Updated: Feb 1

I fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube and found myself watching an episode of Wife Swap. As usual, the two women featured were polar opposites; one a bubbly and playful woman who felt that clutter = freedom, and the other a tidy, organised woman who found joy in placing things in containers clearly marked with labels written in the kind of font you'd see on a 'mommy blog'. Normally there's an obvious 'good' wife, but in this episode I couldn't say for sure.

It's obvious that the pandemic will be with us well into 2021. Since December no longer signifies the end, is there a point in structuring our time? Should we leave time to be a fluid thing or should we reign it in? Ultimately, the approach to next year is up to you. But our advice is to start getting your house in order. We've included our brain dump worksheet to help with sorting through everything that is on your mind. Other important things to start thinking about is cutting down on expenses to build your savings, clearing out unused clothes, shoes and bags and cancelling redundant phone contracts and store accounts. Be organized or be free about time; it's up to you. Just don't be caught slipping because we’re gonna be here for a while.

By Pink Plume

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