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Enjoy the Ride!

They say the true joy of life is in the trip, but I don't know. That's the kind of quote that might resonate if I was still fifteen, stressing about whether or not that cute boy from that other school will think I'm a loser for not drinking Smirnoff Storm. But alas, I am not fifteen and what the day requires from me needs me to plan ahead. And in order for that plan to succeed, I need to avoid repeating mistakes from the past. The idea of not looking forwards or backwards, choosing instead to be in the moment, is nice in theory. But like most things, it is easier said than done.

There's a lot that happens when you choose to root yourself in the present, and it's honestly not all so bad. This became apparent during the hard lockdown last year when most of us had nowhere left to hide from ourselves. Self-acceptance is a common theme on this platform and for this month's take on it, we're taking it back to the playground.

Look out for our fun, interactive challenge (hint: it has something to do with our Woman Crush of the Month) as well as the kinds of budget-friendly (and pandemic-respecting) activities we've come across that bring back the delight of childhood games.

Make sure you're following us on Instagram (@becominginitiative_). You're invited to come over and play!

By Pink Plume

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