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Dreaming Again

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

MIDDAY II “Where are all those dreams you put to rest? All those desires that made your heart beat faster than usual, the visions that made your mind work overtime, the ideas that set your soul alight… Don’t let them get dusty, unpack them and wear them as the sun rises, every morning.”

-Anesu Mautsa

Image by: Bruce Mars

I believe in dreams, but there were many times when life told me I was incapable of achieving my dreams because of my circumstances - not having what I needed and the FEAR of failure. These were all limiting beliefs that stopped me from stepping into a new level of purpose.

I realized that we hold ourselves back and never operate in the realm we were created to operate in because of our limiting beliefs.

In the last quarter of 2017, I took a bold step and “quit”/left my Financial Analysis Post-graduate degree. It took a lot of prayers, thinking, planning and counsel to make this decision but I made it. It sounds very drastic and there were many factors involved, but I knew that although I was capable, and had the potential to finish, I wasn’t living out my purpose. I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I am now doing my Post-graduate degree in digital marketing and I’m loving it. Marketing was something I had always loved but I felt I didn’t have the opportunity to do it because of the factors mentioned above. My own limiting beliefs and where I was at the time. I had done my first degree in Finance and Economics and the next logical step was to continue in this field.

Sometimes we are called to deeper waters. We are called to be bold and brave. I’m in the process of dreaming again, not just with regards to academics, but in every area of my life and it is liberating. Challenging but liberating. I would like to encourage you to allow yourself to dream again and to be confident in a way that is foreign to you.

By Anesu Mautsa

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