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Dear beautiful, brave and determined young lady

Updated: May 26, 2020

Dear beautiful, brave and determined young lady 

I start by calling you beautiful...because you are a beautiful and unique creation. Your beauty comes from within.  I pray that you know that you are valuable and beautiful in your unique way.

I call you brave because some of the things girls go through are painful, traumatic and unfair.  Leaving behind scars, seen and unseen. I hope you know that no wounds or scars will ever make you less beautiful or valuable.  Your bravery has helped you fight off visible and invisible giants long after they had done their worst.  

Young lady, I call you determined.  Though I may not know your secret tears and prayers or what dreams burn within you, I hope you have faith enough and hope for a bright future. Promise yourself to never settle for less in your studies, relationships, and life choices.

Dear beautiful, brave and determined young lady, I pray for your success.

I write this letter to you in my 40s looking back I was once uncertain, afraid, broken and bruised with low self-esteem. I thought I would amount to nothing. Today I am living a life of faith, hope, love, strength and bravery. I’m determined to win like a lioness. I now know that I am beautiful. 

Dearest young lady, choose daily to rise to the challenge and fight for your destiny.

Young lady, choose daily to never give up on yourself even if you’ve failed. Young lady one day you will be empowering another young lady to believe that she too carries within her a unique beauty, courageous bravery and bold determination.

Cheering you on,

with love,

your big sister Rebecca

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