Poem: Clarity

Updated: Jul 5

Image by: Unsplash


So you say that I'm not beautiful And I believe you I take it all in Even though it breaks me from within Even though it cuts until I'm but pieces Until all you say speaks so much meaning That I pour out my being for you Maybe then you'll call me beautiful

Now I'm empty, all I crave is your approval Obese with gluttony yet, somehow, still starving for food I take you all in Then I start choking I start panicking, signalling that I need saving That I don't want to die Then it hits, I've been dead inside for a long time

Each day feeding on poison, I thought was but sense So blinded by your darkness I confused it for mine So I let you stuff out my light But luckily, I still had a spark still shining in the dark Still a testament that within me is resilience That I won't die

I spit out your lies I breathe in Life I breathe in Truth I see that I am beautiful

By Grace Kaheru (@mwijukuru_)

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