Updated: Aug 14, 2018

The struggle with body image, is one that is familiar to many women. We know that we should love ourselves and our bodies, but it is a lot harder when we have the opinions of everyone else putting pressure on us. We begin to allow societal standards to define us forgetting that, hey, our bodies are the only monuments we have left. A woman that has been brave enough to share a bit of her journey with us is Bulelani. She chose to share a few images from a swimsuit shoot she recently did, to show us how she is BLOOMING in her body this month.

Photography by: @Ike Sobe

"As confident as I may SEEM... I struggle with body confidence. This shoot was so so so important to me. I had to prove to myself that it is okay for me to wear a swimsuit and be on a beach and not freak out because I am not skinny. I had to prove to myself that I am a work in progress and little by little I will gain the confidence I need, to be completely happy with myself and in my own skin. " - Bulelani Bulz Ngcauzele

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