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Becoming: The Voyage

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Our job is not in the looking, but in the becoming.
Image by: Godisable Jacob

For me, becoming means to begin to be, or a state of realisation of who you are. As much as it may seem like it is a passive act, becoming is a proactive journey. I choose to see becoming as a voyage. Note in English terms, voyage means long journey; emphasis on long. It is not a quick fix nor is it instantaneous.

It is a process, a journey, it is pruning, it hurts but it is worth it. It is realising what God wants you to be and where He wants you to be. It is healing. It is becoming whole in Him. The looking is not our job, it is His. We tend to settle for second best when we look because it can be a tedious thing to do.

We lose ourselves in the looking, so much so that we begin to compromise. We mould ourselves into what society and the world perceives is right. Oh dear child, do not forget who you are. Do not forget that you are simply clay and He is the potter. So take a step back and let Him do His thing. Trust and believe all He makes is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Listen. He says, "eyes on me child, eyes on me!"

By Tumi Magabo

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