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As A Matter of Fact

Some of the best moments in school were when teachers would use tidbits about real life to explain concepts. The way they'd rope in their life experiences made the lessons rich and you'd leave class with that warm, tingly feeling you get when you're enlightened. From my teachers, I picked up that life is a constant push and pull - always learning and unlearning. Once it was time to put theory to practice, it felt like there was no time or space to make mistakes and be confused about what I wanted. It still feels like everything is either or, this or that, black and white. Which is not true. All this feeds into a 'poverty mindset'. A poverty mindset is an energy or vibration that exists when one is operating from a place of lack. It limits your perspective - your scope of what is possible. And in this age of alternative facts and alternative ways of living it's important to establish what you know for sure. And the best teacher in this regard is experience: making mistakes.

My opinions, feelings and life goals change every other week. Not because of wilful ignorance or lack of ambition, but because what has become a matter of fact for me is that the either or, this or that, black and white setup is a myth. Things are grey AF. And they are far from linear.

What is it that you know for sure? What remains true for you despite the goings-on of your world and the world at large?

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By Pink Plume

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