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I’m no expert in positive psychology, but what I do know is what you say out loud and what you think can manifest reality, but why are our words so negative. A lot of us women, spend our days breaking ourselves down and comparing ourselves to everyone around us, yet we weren’t meant to be running the same race as them. Not only do we compare ourselves, we speak negatively over our lives, our situations and our bodies.

How do we cultivate true self love if we continue to do this? How do we walk in the truth of who we were called and created to be if we believe the lies we speak over ourselves?

I spent years trapped in my victim mentality. The famous Andy Mineo says: “Make moves or make excuses”, I did both. I made excuses to make moves which led me in the wrong direction. Down a path of pity, self hatred and a bruised self confidence.After running around in circles for long enough, I got tired of the life I was living. Sometimes when you hit rock bottom, you realise that it's not the greatest place to be. It’s hard, cold and lonely and you will do everything in your might and power to get your freedom.

You don’t always have to hit rock bottom for you to make a change in your life, unfortunately for me, that’s what happened, but it was for the best. I decided to get up, to get help and to live the life that I’ve always imagined. A life of intentionality.

Change takes time. You don’t Just wake up being this #GirlBoss with all your panties and bras in a row. Change takes renewal of the mind, positive words and intentional action. It's not once off, its a journey, one that I’m still on. This journey has taught me about the power of my words and how affirmations and declarations can change my world. They can cultivate the necessary action needed to catapult me into a version of myself that I actually love.

One of my favourite affirmations is: “I will become everything I was called and created to be”.

This gets my mind focused on walking in purpose. I am a girl on a mission and I will not stop, even when it seems impossible. Say something to yourself for long enough, and you will begin to believe it.

What will you say?

By Anesu Mautsa

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