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A Beauty About Myself

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Image by: Godisable Jacob

I am starting to appreciate a beauty about myself that I never knew existed.

I was teased and taught to hate everything about myself, that I have now started to love aggressively. My ears, the stretch marks on my back, my nose, my toes, my fingers, my feet, my height and my voice.

Notice how I say: "my" in front of every so-called "flaw". I am not imperfect. I never was. Saying we are imperfect implies that we believe The Creator is imperfect because He said we were created in His image and likeness.

Being "created" means time, effort and creativity, was put in, to birth individuality and uniqueness. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci painting The Mona Lisa 10 times. It would come out slightly different every time. Being a woman to me is living in the realization that after God created a woman, He didn't create anything else(He left the best for last).

The power in us is so magnificent, that society is working overtime to make sure that it distracts us with the pettiest of issues and insecurities so that we don't acknowledge how truly magical, we really are.

By Esethu Pakela

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