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“We are Becoming” is a social initiative centered around, empowering women (millennials) to become the most confident, vibrant, and unique version of themselves. To “become” is to, change, grow and progress into. Becoming is a process which allows women to redefine themselves, in the absence of what previously defined them. 





The Becoming Initiative was founded in the month of June 2017 by Anesu Michaela Mautsa.  Anesu struggled with self-worth and self-esteem issues throughout her childhood.  She never felt like she had a safe space to discuss her personal struggles, and she never felt that anyone could relate to her, and this is how We Are Becoming was born. We Are Becoming operates as a vehicle to allow women the opportunity to share their truth with people that can relate to them. It serves as a reminder that they are not alone, and hope that breakthrough is possible. 


We Are Becoming aims not only to provide women with a safe space to share but to empower women through the sharing of resources, tips, tricks, and motivational content.  We Are Becoming also aims to provide a platform for women who are pursuing their own businesses or running their own community projects, to be seen and heard. Ultimately, We are empowered to empower, and We Are Becoming aims to change the world, one woman at a time. 





"We are Becoming" is a social initiative centered around, empowering women (millennials) to become the most confident, vibrant, and unique version of themselves. 





  • Empower women to step into their full potential and create a healthy self-image, through positive messages and affirmations.


  • Create a safe space (our blog) for women to share their stories, find their voices and learn from one another.


  • Provide a platform where we feature and acknowledge young women that are running their own projects, whether it be business or community-based.






The "We Are Becoming" blog is a platform which has been created to allow women to connect with one another and share their stories. The aim is to influence, inspire and help other women through the power of sharing.  People need to be reminded that breakthrough is possible and that they are not alone. The "We Are Becoming" blog is a platform targeted at making room for our sisters to grow, heal, love and inspire each other in a community. Each month we are accepting submissions according to the theme of the month. These submissions can be in the form of stories, poems, pictures, videos, songs or written pieces (can be anonymous). These submissions will be posted on the blog in order for people to enjoy them at any time.




"We Are Becoming" hosts a number of events, that aim to create safe spaces for women to feel empowered. These events provide women with the opportunity to network and connect with one another on a personal level.


Safe Spaces: This is an open mic night where women are given the platform to share their truth in the form of spoken word, poetry, storytelling and song. The crowd is open but only women are allowed to perform. Check out the gallery for photos of our first safe spaces event.





"We Are Becoming" also has a line of affirmation T-shirts that were launched in 2018. These t-shirts contain different affirmations such as YOU ARE LOVED, MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY. The goal of these affirmation t-shirts was to empower women by not only saying positive but enabling them to empower themselves by wearing their affirmations. We Are Becoming aims to expand their affirmation apparel line to include: bags, caps, hoodies, and journals. Check out the gallery to view your options!





In November 2018, We Are Becoming launched "The Becoming Series" on their YouTube channel. "The Becoming Series", is a series of conversations centered around anything and everything that pertains to women. From issues faced by women all the way down to women in business. We also aim to open a door to conversational topics that would otherwise be deemed as uncomfortable or vulnerable. Through this series, we hope to encourage and empower women to become their best selves and to find their voices. We will also be featuring a number of exciting guests throughout the series. Check out our media page to see some of our campaigns and videos.

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